365 Objects Of Design, In the Clear, Volume II

Objects of Design #320: Set of Six Storage Boxes

15th January 2014
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rigbyandmac white boxes

rigbyandmac white boxes

The idea of storing/arranging objects in boxes on the wall has been around for a while now but most of them are ear-bleedingly expensive for reasons which I can’t quite comprehend. After all, you can customise your own or ask the builder/carpenter to make some for you and then paint them.

Anyway, here is a set of six for £175 (yes I know some of you will say that’s a lot of money and it is but believe me some of these boxes cost only just under that each) and you can arrange and stack them however you wish. The largest is 35cm by 35cm and the smallest 18cm by 18cm.

One day, when I get my home office … For which we would need to convert the loft – but don’t worry, my husband came rushing downstairs last week to announce that he had had an email saying he had won on the Euromillions lottery. Yes I know, the excitement. Well when we had finished dancing round the kitchen and whooping with delight, he logged onto the page to discover that he had won the princely sum of £2.73p. Yes. And he had spent only £2 on the ticket so we are most definitely up on the deal. At this rate, the loft will be converted sometime before the end of the century. We’re not going to be any more specific than that at this stage.

In the meantime, perhaps I should think about these boxes for the spareroom/office space. They would blend into the walls and could be re-arranged to hold mirrors and guest-type objects when they weren’t holding box files and papers.

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