365 Objects Of Design, In the Clear, Volume II

Objects of Design #322: Velvet Retro Chairs

17th January 2014
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velvet retro chairs from themintlist.com

velvet retro chairs from themintlist.com

Don’t you love these? Teal – my new favourite colour and brass – my ongoing love affair. Together. In the same piece. So details? Right then, they’re from The Mint List, who I featured last year and who excel at that Industrial Glamour look.

velvet retro chairs from themintlist.com

the chairs are exclusive to The Mint List

The chairs are new, albeit in a retro style, but have been reupholstered exclusively for The Mint List in a range of thick velvets, including this gorgeous teal. They cost (ahem) £1,140 for the set of six. Sadly, I’m not sure they’re prepared to sell them in ones at this stage, which is a real shame as I would love one of the arm chairs for my desk.

a great desk chair

a great desk chair

Now, as regular readers will know, my desk – and indeed my office – exist only in my head as I work at the kitchen table. But I am planning to take over my husband’s desk in the spare room. Or perhaps I should clarify (just in case he’s reading) I plan to introduce a second desk. And if I manage that; it’s a room that has to hold a sofa bed and frequently some not-so-small boys playing X-box and the like, then not only will I be a genius as that may win the award for the most multi-tasking room ever, but I shall, as a reward, clearly deserve this chair. And a black trestle table top (to match his) but with gold sprayed legs. This will be the best fantasy office ever.




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  • 2moiselles 17th January 2014 at 10:03 pm

    I love them too!!

  • Lizzie Owen (@mim_tweeta) 17th January 2014 at 9:40 am

    stunning chairs 🙂

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