365 Objects Of Design, In the Clear, Volume II

Objects of Design #323: Story North

18th January 2014
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black and white bedding from storynorth.com

Pia Wallen large cross blanket from storynorth.com

Saturday morning. Are you sitting comfortably with a cup of coffee? Perhaps a little slice of granary toast. With jam (it’s the weekend). Then let’s go for browse round this fabulous new store I have found called Story North.

Tippetop hooks £15 from storynorth

OYOY Tippetop hooks £15 from storynorth

It was set up by Samantha Ósk Denidóttir, who is an interior designer and writes the LoveNordic blog. After years of sharing her inspiration via said blog, she co-founded Story North to share her favourite products and designers.

Born to an Icelandic mother and English father, Samantha takes inspiration from the landscape and nature of her home country which greatly influences her design work and selection of products.

Samantha says: “This new venture represents a collection of products from around the world which we hope you will love as much as us. Our products come mostly from the Nordic countries but also other parts of Europe. The work that we have selected is varied, ranging from established designs that have been around since the 30s to brand new designs from up and coming artists.”

kubus candlestick in black

kubus 8 candlestick in black £210

And she makes an important point about our throwaway culture too. Read it – you can have another piece of toast afterwards. “All [the pieces] are made with love, thought and integrity, this is very important to us, we offer them to you as we have bought them. Use them and love them. There are less expensive alternatives that can offer the same function, however they will not last the test of time in terms of design nor durability.

Hang Around by Muuto £25 has a slot so that it will rest on the pan without falling

Hang Around by Muuto £25 has a slot so that it will rest on the pan without falling

“Throwaway-ism is so prevalent in UK culture – we are advocates of saving up for the piece that you love – these pieces will last a life-time and will be passed down to younger generations. This is a truly Scandinavian concept and is one that is instilled in every day life from a young age, the result is that they surround themselves with pieces that are well-made, functional and beautiful – usually with an interesting story to tell.”

OYOY Pif Paf Puf White

OYOY Pif Paf Puf White comes with two suspended bowls with leather handles

She’s right you know. So, anyway, here are a selection of the pieces you can buy. Lovely aren’t they. Some you will have seen before, some will no doubt be new. Happy browsing.


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