365 Objects Of Design, In the Clear, Volume II

Objects of Design #328: Tea Light Holder Lamp

23rd January 2014
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tea light holder lamps by henry's future

tea light holder lamps by henry’s future

I like the idea of candlelight but, if I’m entirely honest, I rarely light one. I love the idea of hygge*, but, truth be told, I don’t always practise what I preach.


candle lamps come in two sizes available from notonthehighstreet.com

And then I saw these. Regular readers will know that I do love a bit of wit in interiors. Something a little unexpected. These candlesticks, which look like they should be made from wood but are in fact glass with a removable shade, are exactly what I mean.

Use one as a centrepiece, or, as they are available in two different sizes, make a group (three please: always odd numbers) and have them on a side table instead of a lamp. You could even stand one next to a real lamp in a similar style.

The shade can be left on or off depending on whether you want them to look like more traditional candlesticks, which slightly defeats the object, and prices start at £32.

They are made by Henry’s Future who also made this rather wonderful cake stand. This would make a fantastic centrepiece in its own right – you could co-ordinate the macaroons to your decor. Then no-one would be allowed to eat them as it would spoil the look, so it would be the perfect dietary decoration too.

glass dome sweetie stand from Henry's Future

glass dome sweetie stand from Henry’s Future

* the Danish word for cosiness that is exemplified by the lighting of a candle

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  • Beauty Follower 23rd January 2014 at 8:18 am

    Lovely stuff!


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