365 Objects Of Design, In the Clear, Volume II

Objects of Design #335: Wood and Brass Lamp

30th January 2014
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wood and brass lamp from offkut

wood and brass lamp from offkut

Look at this. You know how I love a bit of brass. And wood. And there’s even a rather structural bulb to go on top. It’s made from reclaimed oak by a company called Offkut, otherwise known as Mike Doveton and Saul Grant.

large brass and wooden table lamp from offkut

the large version of the brass and wooden table lamp costs £340

The wood they use is all industrial reclaim – from railway sleepers to pier pilings. The wood is sawn, planed, sanded and finished with Danish oil and the grain, cracks, splits and knots in the timber mean that each piece is as unique as a fingerprint.

industrial tripod lamp from offkut

you can choose the colour of the cable on this tripod lamp

The bulbs are carbon filament reproductions, which are made in Switzerland. The filament is hand woven and the larger globes will burn for a minimum of 5000 hours, which, because I was compelled to get the calculator out when I read that sentence, is 208 days. And they’re fully dimmable meaning you can increase the lifespan of the bulb by up to five times. You can do that sum yourselves.

industrial tripod lamp with black cable

you can choose the direction of the bulb in this tripod light

As the boys say on their site: “We are the opposite of in-built obsolescence, mass production and mass waste. Durable, beautiful and ethical. Design as it should be”.

industrial wood and steel lamp from offkut

offkut also make bespoke designs too

They don’t just make lights either. This table is made from yew with a steel base.

I love the way it looks as if the wood has been folded back to make a special seating area – you could put your laptop there and your notebook to the left. Assuming you were left-handed. Which I am, so this is basically my perfect desk. Another one for the fantasy loft.

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  • Michael Ryan 30th January 2014 at 7:39 pm

    Love these! What a great find.

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