Objects of Design #346: The Cargo Trike

Butchers&bicycles HQ_03 low res
monochrome interiors HQ of Butchers and Bicycles in Copenhagen

This a story of a bicycle. But before you start complaining that I’ve gone completely off message (and God knows I can barely ride a bike never mind own one) it is also the story of what may be the most beautiful office you will ever see. Certainly today. Possibly even this week.

Junckers Black Velvet Oak at Butchers&bicycles HQ_06 low res

This is the headquarters of Butchers & Bicycles, a Danish company located in the meatpacking district of Copenhagen – hence the butchers – who have just launched a new cargo trike – hence the bicycles.

Junckers Black Velvet Oak at Butchers&bicycles HQ_05 low res

Now I was sent these very lovely pictures by the press department of Junckers whose black velvet textured oak was used on the floor and for the planters. They know me so well as they instantly knew I would be powerless to resist such Scandi loveliness. Coincidentally I had seen a piece about the trikes earlier in the day and made a note to investigate because I loved the images of the office so much.

Junckers Black Velver Oak at Butchers&bicycles HQ_02 low res

If you want to know more about the bike there is a rather charming little video here and a detailed article on We Heart . You may as well read it there as I know nothing about bikes and will only want to copy what they have written.

Butchers&bicycles HQ_04 low res

The workshop is in a 19th century building which has been decorated by the Danish rule book. It’s monochrome and architectural. There are candles for hygge and lots of natural textiles – check the rug by the pile of logs in the image above.

Junckers Black Velvet Oak at Butchers&bicycles HQ_08 low res

Most of the furniture comes from the Danish company &Tradition. Jakob Munk, the co-founder of Butchers & Bicycles said they did masses of work on the building.

Junckers Black Velvet Oak at Butchers&bicycles HQ_10 low res

“It was built in the 1870s as stable buildings for cattle that were for sale in the nearby meat auction house. Before we took over, the building we are in was used for food production (falafel) for many years, and the premises looked (and smelled) quite funky. We poured 16 tonnes of concrete on the floors, re-did all plumbing and electricity, cleaned and painted right up to five minutes before the first guests arrived for the launch party on Nov. 28. Hectic, tough and really fun as well.”

Junckers Black Velvet Oak at Butchers&bicycles HQ_09 low res

I did ask if I could move in and Jakob said that I would have to join the queue. I know, charming!

“We have gotten that question quite a few times now, and we only have the one sofa in the photos. But come over, and we’ll find a spot for you – we love company.”

Junckers Black Velvet Oak at Butchers&bicycles HQ_07 low res

This is a pinterest lovers dream and if you like monochrome then check out my board here

And for anyone who came in looking for the bikes, he said this: “We are working very hard to make the trikes available abroad during spring/summer 2014 – and there is quite a lot of interest from the UK market, so as soon as we find the right business-partners that can guarantee the same service level as we do from our own showroom and workshop, we are there.”

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