365 Objects Of Design, Volume II

Objects of Design #361: Design Vintage New Collection

25th February 2014
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vintage industrial style from designvintage.co.uk

vintage industrial style from designvintage.co.uk

Design Vintage sells a wonderful mix of vintage, retro and industrial pieces and when owner Lisa Brass emailed me the other day to show me pieces from the new collection, I thought they would be perfect for the blog.

Wall Organiser exposed brick vintage desk industrial style

wall organiser with nine storage compartments for £88

As a trained interior designer, Lisa mixes up all the above styles with some natural tones, a splash of white and a sprinkling of Scandi influence.

weekday blackboard in seven sections for notes

weekday blackboard in seven sections for notes

“I love to have soft, natural textiles sitting in amongst raw, industrial furniture and naturally worn wood,” she says. 

vintage wooden desk white room

vintage wooden desk £875

“Then spice it all up a bit with flashes of bright geometrics or sharp monochrome.

black iron trolley

black iron trolley £165

“A major part of the grand plan was to always have a good variety of authentic, original pieces.  Scouring the trade shows and discovering new design on our travels is always great but for me the real kick comes from rummaging for vintage booty and personally selecting every piece, lovingly restoring it where necessary.”

Upholstered Chair in grey or pink

upholstered chair in grey or pink £295

The shop is in Brighton, but Lisa is happy to source anything specific you might be looking for.

bamboo side table

bamboo side table £88

If you can’t get to the real shop then have a virtual wander about here. I think I will buy this bread bag. I have used a bread bag for the last few years and I definitely think it keeps the breader fresher than a metal or wooden bin. However, my bag is rather ugly and I fancy this pretty linen one.

linen bread bag

linen bread bag £23

What do you like?

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