Objects Of Design #99: The Nook Hallway Organiser

We'll forgive the rubbish name as the idea's good

Now this is a canny idea. Many of us urban city dwellers have been told that firstly, you must never leave anything important on a hall table as the burglars can look through the letterbox and secondly, well, secondly  we can only aspire to having room for a table in our halls. So, with that in mind, Mad About The House brings you The Nook ( I know bad name but we’ll overlook it for now).

Hang your coats ‘n’ ‘ats and scarves on the hooks and then, on the shelf above, you can drop all manner of stuff, which assuming you have put your coat hook at a normal height for a grown up also means that any keys/money/valuables will not be visible to anyone peering through your letterbox. See, it’s good isn’t it. And it’s tidy and we like that in the House. A bit of order is very important to the order of one’s mind, we find. Hence a month devoted to storage ideas. £33

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Kate Watson-Smyth

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