365 Objects Of Design, In Storage, Volume II

Objects of Design #120: Desk Tidy Clamp

28th June 2013
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Desk tidy clamp from folklore

Desk tidy clamp from folklore

Isn’t it just true that the simple ideas are often the best? Take this desk tidy for example. The designer has simply applied the Manhattan principle to this piece; ie when you’ve run out of ground space you must go up.


clear your desk space by storing upwards

Here, all those bits of stuff that sit around on the table or which never quite make it back into a drawer are simply hung up to one side and the space is miraculously cleared.

I think you could also fasten pieces of paper together and hang them on here with giant paper or bulldog clips. But just looking at this picture you can see that the headphones woudn’t get tangled, the scissors are safely out of the way and it’s the perfect repository for elastic bands, which, left to their own devices, just create their own tangle of hell, usually round the headphones.

See. Simple Idea. Brilliantly done. I want one.

Folklore.com £76


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