365 Objects Of Design, In the Dining Room, Volume II

Objects of Design #134: Marble Board

12th July 2013
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Amory marble board from rowenandwren.co.uk

Amory marble board from rowenandwren.co.uk

My mother had a cookery book in which one recipe famously began with the phrase “First chill your marble slab”. Well that was the end of that. Whatever it was we never had it. Years later when refurbishing a kitchen, she did include a marble slab set into the workshop but the recipe book had long been hurled out of the window so we still didn’t get it.

Anyway, when I saw these marble boards, I had to include them. Marble is famously perfect for making pastry but, and I’ll include myself in this, if you’re not doing a lot of that, it’s also great as a serving dish.

It looks beautiful above with those figs on but add a few hunks of cheese, the odd grape and that can elevate an ordinary lunch into a thing of beauty.

For more on marble click here

This is from RowenandWren and costs £28

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