365 Objects Of Design, In the Dining Room, Volume II

Objects of Design #136: Paper Straws

14th July 2013
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paper straws from pearlandearl.co.uk

paper straws from pearlandearl.co.uk

It’s a small thing, one that perhaps hasn’t even occurred to you but as you carefully put your paper in the recycling and wash the food containers, spare a thought for the plastic straw. Millions of them are thrown away every single day. And they end up in landfill.

Now admittedly most of them come from fast food places and not from homes but children do love a straw and, as the dentist has pointed out to mine on numerous occasions, it’s much better for their teeth if they are drinking juice and sweet drinks  to sip from a straw.

Anyway, lessons over, just look at these. A whole page devoted to beautiful paper straws in every colour and design you could wish for. They’ve even got metallic ones. Now stick that in your cocktail and party.

By the way, I must add that I was amused to see the name of this website Pearl and Earl as one of my son’s friends has recently acquired a small tortoise who goes by the name of Earl. However, as he is so small, his gender may not become apparent for a year or two. So he is affectionately known as EarlslashPearl until the day of reckoning arrives. No, I’m not quite sure what that is either but I will let you know. Here he is anyway:

Earl slash Pearl

Earl slash Pearl

pearlandearl.co.uk £3


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