365 Objects Of Design, In the Dining Room, Volume II

Objects of Design #147: Phoebe Wall Lamp

25th July 2013
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phoebe wall light from fashion for home

phoebe wall light from fashion for home

The curse of many a modern home, or extension come to that, is a ceiling that isn’t high enough for a really dramatic light. I have bemoaned this fact before and regular readers will know that this is why we have a tin tile ceiling in our kitchen extension.

However, fancy ceilings aside, you still have to get light into the room somehow and if they ain’t going on the ceiling then they’re going to have to go on the walls.

There is a much greater choice of wall lights around now than there was even five years ago but this simple one from Fashion for Home really caught my eye. If it was painted the same colour as the wall, it could look like it had just been folded out of the wall, which would be great.

In addition to this, it only gives off a very soft light, which is perfect for a dining room as you often want candles or softer lighting anyway. If, as is the case for most of us, your dining area is part of the kitchen, then just make sure that the spot lights (if you have them) are on a separate switch from the wall lights and you should be able to adjust the level of lighting to suit breakfast or dinner.



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