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Objects Of Design #154: The Chemist’s Jar

1st August 2012
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Decoration for your bathroom

It seems hard to imagine now but it wasn’t all that long ago that if you wanted olive oil you had to buy it from the chemist as it wasn’t regarded as a cooking ingredient. It was sold in tiny bottles and, as far as I can establish, was thought to be useful as an aid to loosening ear wax and very little else! Oh how the Italians and Spanish must have been laughing at us.

Anyway, now we all know better and we can use all those pretty glass bottles as decoration in our bathrooms. This one is only 16cm high so you probably won’t be putting cotton wool in it but they just add a finishing touch to a room that can often be a little bit stark. And if you put all those big value shampoos and shower gels in the cupboard, then you will have room for a little prettiness.

Which is where we are for August’s Objects Of Design. Yes, this month it’s all about Bathing Belles. Pretty and practical, unusual and useful items for that room we use every day and which is never really quite as Spa as it should be. Hopefully, by the end of the month, we will all have a few more ideas on how we can make our time in there a little more relaxing and a little less utilitarian.

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