365 Objects Of Design, In the kitchen, Volume II

Objects of Design #19: Oven Mitt Apron

19th March 2013
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the ingenious apron oven mitt

the ingenious apron oven mitt

Another one of those brilliantly simple ideas which not only do you wonder why no-one thought of it before but you also wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself. In case this picture doesn’t show you properly, try this:

doubles up as oven gloves and apron

doubles up as oven gloves and apron

See what I mean? Instead of fumbling about with an apron the the oven glove slung over your shoulder, whereupon you instantly forget where it is until you have a)burnt your hand by using a tea towel to remove the casserole from the oven and/or b) watched it slide off your shoulder and into the pan on the hob.

It’s from Royal VKB, a Dutch company, which makes many clever things, including this clever serving tray which was featured a few days ago. The Dutch manage to marry a sense of function and wit into their designs and this is a perfect example.

I think I will be ordering one. And perhaps a couple more as presents for the cooks in the family. What about you?

Mocha £21.99

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