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Objects Of Design #204: Bunk Pod

20th September 2012
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Launched at Design Junction this week

Still on the subject of beds, comes this fabulous bunk pod from new company IO Kids Design. It’s just very cool and I wish there had been beds like this around when my two were small, although it’s a full size bed so will last until they leave home. The shelves at the ends will store lots of books or toys and the overall feel is very modern and clean. If you don’t fancy the yellow accents, you can ask for it to be made in another colour too.

it works as two single beds as well as a set of bunks

It can be transformed into two beds or, there is a more expensive version which can be configured into a bed with a desk unit too.

it can also be used as as high bed with a desk unit

Also in the collection, is the Doodle Box (pictured at the top). This portable storage unit has wheels at one end allowing children move it around a bit like a wheelbarrow. It also doubles as a bench seat with internal storage for art work and a removable tray for drawing and painting accessories. The box accommodates a roll of paper which when pulled over the lid creates a drawing board. How clever is that?

www.iokidsdesign.co.uk £695 for the Doodle Box and from £2,150 for the bunk beds.

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