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Objects Of Design #205: Clouds Bedding Set

21st September 2012
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For all those who hate pink and blue

Kids bedding is so often either stereotypical pink fairies and blue pirates or hideous cartoon designs which, while fine on the television, aren’t necessarily what you want to look at in your beautiful home. After all, you’ve spent enough money making all the other rooms conform to your  style, why does theirs have to be the one that taste forgot? Or, more likely in the case of Ben 10 held its hands up and ran screaming out into the street.

So, on the basis that you can find all that for yourselves, today’s post is for those of you who are despairing of finding something a little more contemporary and stylish. It does come in blue, pink and red as well and it also starts at cot bed size. This measures 150cm x 210 which is roughly a standard single bed so will work for all ages. Add some yellow or pink cushions and it’ll last for years, which, as it’s 100 per cent cotton, it will anyway. Tell that to the polycotton Power Rangers.

www.themodernbaby.co.uk  £51

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