365 Objects Of Design, In the Playroom, Volume II

Objects of Design #212: Oksa Oak Wall Hook

29th September 2013
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OKSA Oak new

Hanna Francis Oksa wall hook is available from cloudberry living

The September series is nearly over and it has come back full circle. You may remember we started the month with these fabulous tree bookshelves, which were perfect for children and grown-ups alike.

OKSA Walnut new

the branch also comes in walnut

Well today we are returning to the woodland tree theme with these rather lovely branches from Finnish designer Hanna Francis. Those possessed of extremely good memories (no don’t worry it’s not a test, the link is coming up) may remember I featured her gorgeous cut out Kajo lampshades on the blog last year.

OKSA White new

or perhaps you prefer it in white

Hanna has just been exhibiting at the London Design Festival, which prompted me to take another look at what she has been up to and, aside from some wonderful tableware , she has also made these branch hooks. And I don’t mind pointing out that at £59 these are somewhat cheaper than those bookshelves we started out with.

I would love one in the hall, but have also recently come to the conclusion that in a child’s room it can often be easier and quicker to just put everything on hooks rather than faffing around with hangers and wardrobes. At least that works for a while and when they have more hanging clothes they can just use it for school bags, dressing gowns and, as in the top picture, even shoes.



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