365 Objects Of Design, In the Light, Volume II

Objects of Design #225: Copper Tea Light Seed Pods

12th October 2013
copper tea light holders from maud interiors

copper tea light holders from maud interiors

I don’t often go mad for a tealight holder but these really caught my eye. Maybe it’s because I spent a large chunk of yesterday afternoon tramping through the autumn leaves in the pouring rain. Maybe it’s because there’s a distinct chill in the air now. Maybe it’s because I have written so much about Danish Hygge recently that I have turned into a candle lover.

the copper seed pods come in three sizies

the copper seed pods come in two sizes

No I’m not choking on my biscuit. Hygge is a Danish word that doesn’t really have a direct translation into English but is about cosiness and comfort and welcomeness (as it were). It’s an ambience that every Danish home strives for and part of achieving it is about lighting a candle. Every day. My Danish friend Britta Gertsen who runs a PR company has told me that she lights a candle every single day no matter what the weather.

I have always been slightly afraid of candles. Instead of seeing a reassuring glow and a warm flickering light I tend to see FIRE and MAYHEM. But, given my current love of copper and the rather dreary weather that started yesterday and may well continue for the next six months, I feel suddenly more inclined to try and create my own personal hygge and if that means lighting a candle in one of these then people, I’m ready.

They’re from Maud Interiors and are made from handbeaten, organic Fair Trade copper and produced by  INTACH, an NGO (non governmental organisation), working in collaboration with the copper artisans of  Maharastra to revive and preserve the ancient craft.

Here’s a trinket box that’s also part of the collection:

trinket box from maud interiors

trinket box from maud interiors

Anyone for hygge?

Dimensions: Large length 20cm x width 9cm, small length 17cm x width 7cm

Price: £28 and £24


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  • steuart 14th October 2013 at 4:48 pm

    amazing how quickly we forget the glorious summer we have had, by the first drop of autumnal rain!:-) Apart from the cold bit and the wet bit, there is something cosy about the nights drawing in. The different light. somehow the lights and the candles have a different quality in the winter…

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  • Poppy 12th October 2013 at 9:22 am

    they are beautiful, copper add warmth on cooler autumnal days.

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