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Objects Of Design #226: Oscar Armchair by Matthew Hilton

12th October 2012
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perfect for curling up in

As the nights draw in, evenings in front of the telly, or perhaps curled up with a book, start to seem more appealing. And, after all, you’re going to need somewhere put all those fabulous cushions we’ve been looking at over the last couple of days.

This chair, by Matthew Hilton, is the perfect winter chair. It’s wide enough for tucking your legs under and high enough to support your neck should you feel a little Sunday afternoon nap coming on.

Yes, it’s expensive but, consider that it’s made in the UK, using sustainable, natural materials. It’s also a perfect combination of a traditional, yet completely modern, piece that will fit with your existing furniture. The range also includes a two and three seater sofa and a chaise longue.

www.scp.co.uk £2,455

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  • Mike Bowers 12th October 2012 at 12:49 pm

    The design is great, and it looks so comfortable. Definitely one to remember. In fact, there’s some fantastic stuff on that site – but the sofas and chairs are certainly on the pricey side. This one’s stunning https://www.scp.co.uk/collections/living-room/products/munro-three-seat-sofa but at over 6.5 grand, I don’t think I’ll be getting my hands on one anytime soon….

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