365 Objects Of Design, In the Warm, Volume II

Objects of Design #248: Silver Floorstanding Candlesticks

4th November 2013
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silver candlestick holders floor standing from nordic house

floorstanding metal candlesticks from nordic house

it seems fitting as we head into the colder months to talk once more of hygge. A Danish word which translates loosely as cosiness, it’s greatly enhanced by the use of candles, which the Danes light every day.

So we turn to Nordic House, run by Sandie and Alan Wallman from their home in Cornwall, for some help with our hygge. The couple spent years working in Sweden and regularly return there and to Denmark and other Nordic countries looking for original and emerging brands.

I have said before on these pages that candles make me a little nervous but I love the sticks to put them in and these large floorstanding ones will look great even when not lit.

I have these two in my hall. I bought them from dear old Woolworths about ten years ago for, you won’t believe this, £1.95 each. Yes, that’s right and they’re perfect for my hall which is not big enough for any furniture but needs a little something by way of decoration.

wooden floorstanding candlesticks

wooden floorstanding candlesticks

So: Winter

Step One

Create hygge

Ingredients: two large candlesticks.

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