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Objects Of Design #258: Knitted Lamps from Melanie Porter

13th November 2012
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I just love these lamps. I love the unexpectedness of them. I love the feel and texture of them and I love the wit. Melanie Porter started out as a knitwear designer before deciding to set up on her own in 2008 and start making furniture. These lamps are just part of a range of products including chairs and tables. Each item is stripped back to its original frame, restored and then covered with a series of knitted panels. She does everything herself by hand so you are not only buying a work of art and a future heirloom but also a piece of furniture that you can use and enjoy every day.

L-R Macie, Poppy and Freya


One day I would like to have two Anya lamps in black and white as bedside lamps. In the meantime here is Melanie’s site for you to enjoy and dream over. Anya costs £400.


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  • debra finn 13th November 2012 at 11:40 am

    You have such good taste! We love Melanie’s work too, in fact her latest cushions are going to be at our next show this coming weekend. We would love to see you there Kate if you’re free.


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