Objects of Design #258: Vintage Wooden Crates

vintage drinks crates from
vintage drinks crates £35 from 

I do love a vintage wooden crate. It has to be the genuine article mind, no pastiche versions for me. But once you track them down, old drinks ones like above, wooden wine boxes or apple crates, there are a myriad different uses for them.

vintage pepsi crates £65
vintage pepsi crates £65

They look great in an industrial style kitchen sitting on open shelves. Or in a sitting room for magazines and dvds. Or in the hall as a repository for shoes and hats. In a modern bathroom they would bring a touch of rustic glamour filled with rolled up towels or holding spare bottles of shampoo.

shelves made from vintage crates by Hopper and Space
shelves made from vintage crates by Hopper and Space

The shelves above were made by Hopper and Space from old fruit crates and still have the original labels on the side. And this is a different set that have been styled.

recyled crates as storage
recyled crates as storage image from

If you’re feeling a little more enterprising (and your boxes are a little less decorative than these) then why not build some shelves out of them?

apple crate shelving from
apple crate shelving from

You can hunt them down on ebay too or what about these?

vintage wooden wine crates from  the wonderful wood company
vintage wooden wine crates around £15 from the wonderful wood company

One day when I have an office (rather than working at the kitchen table) I shall fill the wall with crates like these to create my storage.

vintage crate shelving
vintage crate shelving image from the wonderful wood company blog

As the days get shorter and the nights get darker I find I’m increasingly turning to thoughts of home improvement. It’s a nesting instinct. If we’re going to be indoors for a while, we might as well make it look good and function well.





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