Objects of Design #260: Breakfast with Folklore

breakfast in bed with folklore
breakfast in bed with folklore

Oh I do hope you’re reading this in bed. I do hope I am come to that. If you’re reading it on the day the post went live it’s Saturday morning and everyone deserves a lie-in at the weekend.

black and white striped linen coated  tray from folklore
linen coated tray £25

This breakfast set comes from Folklore, a rather gorgeous store that opened in Islington, north London, last year. But, for those of you that don’t make it to N1 that often, you can buy it all online.

red breakfast cups £15 image by Yeshen Venema
red breakfast cups £15 image by Yeshen Venema

The shop was founded by Danielle and Rob Reid, a couple who believe passionately that better living is possible through design. A philosophy with which I wholeheartedy agree.

basic ivory plate from folklore
ivory plate £12.50

They make a real effort to focus on materials as much as source and they try to find simple designs that will stand the test of time.

ivory teapot from folklore
ivory teapot £45

I rather enjoyed putting together my fantasy breakfast tray, although I confess to including a tea towel – not because I intend doing the washing up after my fantasy breakfast in bed – but because I rather fancied it as a napkin.

provence kitchen towel in black £10.50, image by Yeshen Venema
provence kitchen towel in black £10.50, image by Yeshen Venema

The crockery is French, made from the gray clay of Saint-Amand-en-Puisaye.

red milk jug from folklore
red milk jug from folklore £10.50

For the more practically minded among you (which, on balance, won’t be the same group of people who dream of breakfast in bed, but might, however, be those doing the making of said breakfast) it is both dishwasher and microwave safe.


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