365 Objects Of Design, Five Finds, In the Warm, Volume II

Objects of Design #264: Bloomingville

20th November 2013
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As I delve around the Internet looking for exciting products to tell you about, and interesting new stores for you to discover, I find that again and again I click on a product to discover it’s by the same brand.

bloomingville products

part of the collection from Bloomingville

A brand that is Danish (no great surprises from me there) but one that seems to crop up in all my favourite stores. It has become a slightly unifying thread; if they stock Bloomingville there’s a good chance I will like the rest of the collection.

bloomingville wallmounted desk from bodie and fou

bloomingville wall mounted desk from bodie and fou

Until now it has been a question of either seeking out certain pieces or seeing what shops have chosen to stock. But, as of last week, Bloomingville has come to the UK High Street.

bloomingville at debenhams

a selection of bloomingville at debenhams

Debenhams, currently undergoing a £25m renovation, has decided to stock this brand, which was set up in 2001 by Simon and Bettina Stampe.

bloomingville products

bodie and fou has a good selection of bloomingville products

Now, on the one hand there is a teeny element of “damn now everyone will know this secret” feeling about this news. But, that is outweighed by the fact that everyone should have access to good design, and I do believe that the High Street is the best place for everyone to find that great design.

bloomingville at liberty

liberty also stocks some of the range

At the moment, Debenhams is not stocking the whole collection, which allows other, smaller retailers to still have an element of exclusivity to their collections. Which is also a good thing.

grey chair by bloomingville from designvintage

grey chair by bloomingville from designvintage

So it would seem, that, at the moment, there is enough Bloomingville to go around.

bloomingville i isabella water jug from houseenvy

isabella water jug from houseenvy

I have included a selection of pieces here from different places so you can have a choice of where to shop. However, not everyone chooses to name Bloomingville so you might just have to resort to the good old-fashioned method of “Do I actually like this?” rather than judging a product by its label. Often a good tactic in TX Max I find.



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  • Katie 23rd November 2013 at 7:44 am

    Oh my, this website is gorgeous and would almost convince me to throw everything I have out and start again, if money if was no object, of course. Might even get me into Debenhams too.

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