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Objects Of Design #269: Tall Pineapple Lamp

24th November 2012
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Tall pineapple light from Graham and Green

There is something very elegant about a tall table lamp. And when it comes in silver with a neutral shade it is very pleasing indeed. And when you add to that a pineapple shape, it truly becomes an object to covet. I have one very similar to this, but sadly without the pineapple, and, while I love it, it suddenly seems as if it is missing something.

A word of warning, the shade is not included in the price. And Graham & Green do seem to sell out of things fast and you can spend ages on waiting lists so, if you like it, you can’t really afford to hang about.

www. grahamandgreen.co.uk £85




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  • Deborah Richards 24th November 2012 at 9:46 am

    Thanks for this reminder of Graham and Green! A number of property projects and years ago I found loads of lovely things from them and they still seem to have the knack! I will peruse again!

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