365 Objects Of Design, In the kitchen, Volume II

Objects of Design #27: Sky Planters

27th March 2013
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upside down sky planters

upside down sky planters

I love growing herbs but my kitchen has no window sill which means that wherever I put a plant it’s inevitably in the way and has to be moved, or worse keeps getting knocked over. These so-called sky planters are a brilliant idea that goes solves the problem of a shortage of space either indoors or out.

Designed by Patrick Morris, not only will your plants grown upside down but you also only need to water them once a month, which is another plus point. Hang a few of them over your workspace and you can just reach up and help yourself as the need arises. Fresh herbs at your fingertips. Literally.

The Balcony Gardener from £35

This time last year the kitchen essential was the best mechanical timer


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  • Anna 29th March 2013 at 3:51 pm

    So clever, and a bit of a mind-bender as well – how do they stay in the pot?? I have no windowsill either so I like these a lot!

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