365 Objects Of Design, In the Warm, Volume II

Objects of Design: Columbia Road Wallpaper

27th December 2014
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columbia road wallpaper in gold

columbia road wallpaper in gold, image from courtheyoutloud.wordpress.com

As you know I can never resist a good wallpaper and this, from custhom, is a good wallpaper. It’s made in Britain and handfinished, but perhaps the best thing about it is that the pattern is non-repeating.

gold wallpaper columbia road from cavalierofinn

the wallpaper is available from cavalierofinn and costs £35 a metre

This makes it much easier to hang and should avoid number one of the rules of hanging wallpaper . But if you can’t face hanging it yourself (either with or without a spouse) then it also looks great framed.

framed metallic wallpaper

used a length of wallpaper framed to make a great picture

The metallic version also comes in pewter and matt gold and there is a non-metallic one made up of warms greys, black and mustard.

columbia road wallpaper in a non-metallic finish

columbia road wallpaper in a non-metallic finish

All these are available from Cavalier O Finn where there are all sorts of lovely things to browse around.

If you fancy some more fabulous wallpaper then what about this Palladian? It comes in a strong blue but, for my money, if you’re going to do it you’ve got to do it bold. I’m definitely going for gold.

metallic palladian wallpaper from custhom

metallic palladian wallpaper from custhom



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  • Sian 28th November 2013 at 4:11 pm

    Gorgeous paper, love it!

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