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Objects Of Design #30: Pestle And Mortar

30th March 2012
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Part of the Kitchen Essentials Series

There are whole chatlines of debate on what is the best material for a pestle and mortar and of course, everyone has their favourites but there a consensus around granite so that is what I am featuring there. Wood is too soft, marble can be too smooth so the ingredients – coriander seeds for example – will just bounce away. The most popular is molcajete or lava rock but this can be fiendishly expensive and hard to get hold of unless you’re in the US. So then, the next best thing is granite. Might as well buy the biggest one you can afford.

 https://www.decuisine.co.uk/cookshop/kitchen_tools_gadgets/granite-mortar-pestle.html £28.50 for the large one

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