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Objects Of Design #309: Pigeon Hole Shelf

3rd January 2013
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Pigeon hole shelf unit: tidy desk equals a tidy mind

Pigeon hole shelf unit: tidy desk equals a tidy mind

Hands up whose desk is a pile of papers, pens that don’t work, filing that’s waiting to be done and various other bits of stuff that are adding to the general air of messiness? Yes, I thought so. Get yourself some shelves and allocate a pigeon hole for everything. Now, clearly the shelf above either belongs to a seamstress or is all about the styling, but leaving that aside, you could store masses of stuff here and there are even little slots for labels so you need never lose anything again.




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  • Mrs D 13th January 2013 at 9:06 am

    Aren’t these shelves adorable? Perfect for my work desk, although I might be distracted fiddling about with things to put on them!!

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