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Objects Of Design #31: French Glass Carafe

31st March 2012
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Part of the Kitchen Essentials Series

Finishing off the first series of 365 Objects of Design with a drink. Well the carafe at least, which can, of course, be used for water. This gorgeous carafe has been cleverly designed so that the glasses (design classics in their own right) will sit in the top meaning you can carry carafe and glasses to the table in one hand, leaving the other one free for the olives.

And there we have it. Thirty-one objects for your kitchen in which form and function have equal place. By all means send in your own suggestions for any that you can’t live without and didn’t see in the series.

https://www.worm.co.uk/products/french-water-carafe?gb=1&utm_source=google&utm_medium=base&utm_campaign=base_feed £26.95

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