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Objects Of Design #336: Harlem Industrial Console Table

30th January 2013
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Narrow console table: not just for halls

Narrow console table: not just for halls

We tend to think of narrow console tables as being only for halls, but I for one haven’t got room for a table in my hall (as I may have mentioned before once, or, er twice). Instead, think of a narrow table for anywhere else where space is tight. I love the idea of a narrow table behind a sofa, perhaps with a lamp on it (although you might need to consider where your sockets are). I would also love to have an ottoman at the end of the bed but there’s no room for that either. One of industrial style consoles would fit though. With books on. Or failing that a landing or as an extra surface in a kitchen/diner.

It’s 40cm deep, which is pretty narrow and I can suddenly think of about three places, where I absolutely need (and crucially can fit) this piece.





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  • Deborah Richards 30th January 2013 at 8:59 am

    Again Kate this could not be more true! We have had one for years metal legs and teak top, it has seen endless
    uses and now currently in our spare room as a ‘dressing table’ or luggage table with a wind up stool from Rockett St George late last year which sits underneath, a portable 1930s adjustable mirror and a lamp nearby! It’s such a useful thing! The iron parts do benefit from oiling lightly but it is indeed very useful and we’ve used it for all the things you’ve suggested. It’s such a good habit to try and learn, to spot things that have lots of potential, as it leaves scope later for affording nicer paint or something when money is tight thus achieving more of a makeover!

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