365 Objects Of Design, In the detail, Volume II

Objects of Design #34: Shadow Chair

3rd April 2013
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shadow chair by Duffy London in association with Culture Label

shadow chair by Duffy London

When chairs look as good as this, they become sculptures in their own right which qualifies them perfectly for this series on details and finishing touches in the home.

This was launched at Milan in 2009 and although, it doesn’t say so, it seems logical that it might have been inspired by the famous Panton S Chair which has no back legs and was the first chair to be made from a single piece of moulded plastic.

However, look more closely and you realise that the shadow is actually part of the chair, which is how it appears to defy gravity and remain upright. I’m still not entirely sure I would have the courage to sit in it mind.

It’s made from steel and wood in a choice of two finishes and takes between eight and ten weeks to be delivered.

Duffy London £995


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