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Objects Of Design #50: Rustic Wire Hooks

19th April 2012
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Rustic Wire Hooks From Prettydandy.co.uk

Obviously these aren’t just for the bedroom, but there’s no denying the usefulness of being able to throw something over a hook at the end of the day rather than faff about with a hanger. Slinging it over a chair means that a) eventually you can’t sit in the chair and b) the room always looks messy whereas this way, it looks as if you meant it. Which is often the key to successful room design. And if you are that person who always puts everything away then you can always hang your necklaces on these instead.

www.prettydandy.co.uk £14.95 for three and £19.95 for a row of five

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  • Pretty Dandy 19th April 2012 at 5:57 pm

    Ooh thanks so much for featuring our lovely hooks. Keeping mess to a minimum is a constant trial round our house and these definitely helped!

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