365 Objects Of Design, In the detail, Volume II

Objects of Design #52: Photosynthesis Lamp

21st April 2013
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photosynthesis light from cowandco.co.uk

photosynthesis light from cowandco.co.uk

I just love the idea of this lamp. Created by Israeli designer Meirav Barzilay it’s a metal grid into which you plant the vine of your choice and, as the plant grows it creates a natural lampshade. Simple. Clever. You must use an energy-saving bulb though as that provides the right sort of light.


as the plant grows it turns into the shade

The plant isn’t included in the price but it’s suggested that you choose a small, fast-growing one that doesn’t need full sunshine. If any gardening experts would like to add their suggestions below that would be most welcome.

cowandco.co.uk £205


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