Objects of Design #62: Grey Hammock

hammock from idyll home
hammock from

Right then, it’s May, it’s supposed to be early summer so let’s start this season as we mean to go on. A hammock, a beach and a dreamy scene. That’s better isn’t it? We’re all a bit more in the mood now.

This rather lovely hammock has fringe detailing and is in a perfectly on trend shade of grey. My son wants one in his bedroom, which let’s face it, means he might get more use out of it than he will from one in the garden.

If you don’t have two handy trees, then you can get hammock stands if you have enough space in the garden. Or perhaps fix one end to the house and then you only need one tree or post. Whatever you use, make sure it’s more robust than these two sticks in the picture.

Kate Watson-Smyth

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  1. For my son when he was small I fitted a hammock across the sitting room – I was always sure it would pull out the victorian bricks from the wall, but it didn’t. In another flat I fitted a wooden swing to the ceiling joists in the sitting room. Apart from the heavy oak seat whacking him in the head once – he loved it!

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