Objects of Design #75: Dedon Nestrest

dedon nestrest hanging chair
dedon nestrest hanging chair

Money no object? This is the chair I would have in my garden. A cross between a hammock and a hanging chair, this would be perfect to while away an afternoon in peace and quiet. It’s like a proper den for grown ups. And it’s big enough for two adults or four small children.

The price? Are you sure you want to know? Really? Better sit down then. No I know you haven’t bought the chair so you can’t sit down. All right then, it’s – say it quickly – tenthousandfivehundredandfortyeightpounds.

Yes. You did read it right.

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Kate Watson-Smyth

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  1. The best way to buy it is to do some research and travel to the southeast asian country where they manufacture it and buy it there.Total cost of your travel,purchase, and having it shipped back home would be less than half of the deceitful price they set up here.

  2. Sorry, it is a lovely chair, but that is an obscene amount of money to spend on a chair I don’t care if money is no object!! Reality check?

    1. You’re right it IS a lot of money and I can’t imagine they sell many of them to real people (ie non celebrities) but sometimes I like to show you all things that are out there. I’m not suggesting that everyone rush out and buy this. It’s a more of a “fancy that” kind of piece. Haute couture as opposed to what you might call Haute Street, if you see what I mean!

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