365 Objects Of Design, In the garden, Volume II

Objects of Design #76: Fedro Rocking Lounger

15th May 2013
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dedon fedro rocking lounger

dedon fedro rocking lounger

Sticking with luxury garden brand Dedon for another day, what do you think of these rocking loungers? Admittedly, there will be days when I look at those and think if I’ve got all the way down there I may struggle to get back up again, but, if you like sitting on the floor/deck and just being able to support your back while you read or chat or drink wine, then these are pretty perfect.

the fedron rocker comes in two colours

the fedron rocker comes in several colours

They’re lightweight, easy to carry and have a handle to make moving them around even easier. And during the winter months, they’d work well in children’s rooms for sitting on to play the inevitable screens.

Heals £595



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