365 Objects Of Design, In the garden, Volume II

Objects of Design #82: Twisted Metal Lamp

21st May 2013
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vintage metal hurricane lamp from nordichouse.co.uk

vintage metal hurricane lamp from nordichouse.co.uk

These gorgeous vintage lamps look like they’re made from willow branches but are, in fact, metal. The other great thing about them is that the tall one is 49cm high, which is a good size. I get so sick of seeing things I love and then realising that they’re tiny. Now, yes it would be great if it was even taller than that but then the candle glow might get rather lost if it was.

hurricane lamp with candle

hurricane lamp with candle

The smaller one is 30cm and you should buy as many as you can afford. Either put them on the steps as above, or perhaps buy one large and two small and group them in a three by a group of chairs. Add a small table. A bottle of something chilled …. there you go. Feeling better?

nordichouse.co.uk £20 and £32.50


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