365 Objects Of Design, In the garden, Volume II

Objects of Design #83: Festoon Lights

22nd May 2013
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festoon lights from coxandcox.co.uk

festoon lights from coxandcox.co.uk

Whisper it quietly, but I think fairy lights might be a little bit over. They do add atmosphere but you need hundreds of them to make a great effect. I know this because we installed in them in our last garden, which would, frankly, have made a pocket handkerchief look large. We put them along one, small, wall and even with 150, they rather disappeared. So, moving on, what about these festoon lights?

image by Bethany Nauert from apartmenttherapy.com

image by Bethany Nauert from apartmenttherapy.com

I posted this picture a few days ago in a piece on outdoor dining and thought at the time that these were the perfect lights for an al fresco dinner. But I didn’t know where to find them. Part of the problem, I’m sure you’ll agree, is that I didn’t know what they were called. Well, now I do, and therefore, so do you.

image from houzz.com

image from houzz.com

Bigger than a fairy light and therefore a little bolder, these festoon lights make more of a statement. What do you think?

And if you need more inspiration here is a picture of the garden belonging to @jessicazoobart who sent this over on twitter and gave me permission to add it to this post. I love it!


Jessica’s gorgeous garden with its pretty festoon lights





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