365 Objects Of Design, In the garden, Volume II

Objects of Design #87: Garden Mirror

26th May 2013
garden mirror open window from primrose.co.uk

garden mirror open window from primrose.co.uk

Whenever I feel under the weather, I often turn to one of my favourite childhood books; Alice in Wonderland. I also love Alice Through The Looking Glass with its enchanting tale of a backwards world on the other side of the mirror.

This garden mirror has the same effect. I love the idea that it’s a window into a secret world that you didn’t really know was there. Or perhaps it isn’t.

Now, there is a more practical reason for a garden mirror and that’s to bring light into a shady corner. I would put one on an overgrown wall halfway down the garden where you wouldn’t necessarily see it until you came across it by chance.

primrose.co.uk £79.95

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