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Objects Of Design #87: The Mighty B

26th May 2012
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The mighty lime


Bean bags are the perfect solution for lounging around the in the garden but some of us need a little more support that the traditional bag is capable of giving. This is the solution. I spent a happy morning sitting on one of these on the side of a mountain sipping hot chocolate. I was supposed to be skiing. The chair was more tempting.

Made from PU fabric they are water resistant (not proof) and easy to clean. But the handle makes them easy to carry  and each one comes in its own storage bag that you can either hang up in the shed or use inside for extra seating. They’re great in kids bedrooms when they have friends round. I plan on having two of these and two of the sunloungers from a few days ago and Bob will be my Uncle.

www.urbangardenfurniture.co.uk £99.99

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