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Outdoor Rugs

19th May 2014
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outdoor patio image from lonny.com

So outdoor rugs. I have just always loved them. I think it’s the idea of having a proper outdoor sitting room – as in living in a climate that’s so gorgeous all the time that you can afford to have proper comfortable furniture outside. Because it won’t be constantly rained on. Basically I would like to be as comfortable outside as I am inside. So the space needs to look right.


outdoor rugs from cuckooland

In addition to the furniture an outdoor rug somehow crystallises that idea. For some reason they have always been hard to find in this country and, when you can track them down, phenomenally expensive. But look at these.


They cost £49.95 (about half of what I have found elsewhere) measure 1.2m by 1.8m (4ft by 6ft) so they’re a good size and they’re also reversible so you can choose the pattern you prefer.


Made from recycled materials in India, they come in a bag so you can easily transport them, which also makes them handy for a picnic. Who hasn’t tried to have an early picnic before the ground is quite dry and regretted it for the rest of the afternoon.

outdoor rug from cuckooland

They’re made by Fab Habitat, an eco- conscious design house which uses recycled materials wherever possible, organic dyes and natural fibres with low carbon footprints. They also recycle water and waste materials used during the manufacturing process.

Outdoor Rugs available from Cuckoo Land



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  • aurelia-m 19th May 2014 at 8:24 am

    J’aime beaucoup les tapis alors le fait qu’on en fasse pour l’extérieur est une très bonne idée. Ils finissent toujours bien les ambiances déco!

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