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Get The Look … Modern Industrial Kitchens

It seems we still can't get enough of the industrial look but it's about refining it and tweaking it to make it look like it's your personal style and not that of the local pizza restaurant. industrial kitchen from Yes, everyone's at it and the sad, but true, fact is that if you want

Mad About … Loft Spaces

Surely we all fantasise about having more space? About converting that loft or digging out that basement? The reality is that most of us will never do this. Or, if we do, the resulting space, while useful, will never quite turn out to be the large, airy space of our dreams. So, for that reason,

Private Viewing: Celebrity Kitchens

Private viewing is taking a seasonal swerve this week. As we prepare for the biggest cook-off of the year, Mad About The House is taking a look a some celebrity kitchens. The question is will you gasp in admiration, swoon in horror or seethe with jealousy? Take a look: This is Hank Azaria's Bel Air

All He Wants For Christmas … Graham and Green

Graham and Green opened its first shop in Notting Hill, west London in 1974 and its founder Antonia Graham travelled the world looking for interesting and unusual pieces to sell. Her son, Jamie, who studied furniture design, now runs the company together with his wife, Louise. Here, he tells mad about the house what's in

Design Classics #29: Tupperware

Anyone for Tupperware? Its very name is synonymous with the product. Say "Tupperware" and everyone knows what you mean. They know about the parties, too. But do you know anyone who has actually been to one? Or who has any? You may not be aware, as you shop online and in those giant retail warehouses,

Eight Of The Best Vintage Shops

As recyling and being eco-aware become ever more fashionable, it has become quite the thing to furnish our houses with what used, rather sniffily, to be called "second-hand furniture". These days, it's positively bragging to admit that you found that shabby-chic chair languishing in a neighbour's skip, or that your wobbly stool used to belong

Eight Of The Best Salvage and Reclamation Yards

retrouvious one of the top salvage and reclamation yards in the UK
Back in the days when recycling was a dirty word, a few enterprising families started gathering other people’s building scraps and selling them on to like-minded individuals. These days it’s called architectural salvage and everyone’s at it. There's even an annual salvage fair at Knebworth and if you want to find truly original items for

All The Shops And Sites You Need To Know

zoffany persian tulip wallpaper via
As a frequent contributor to The Independent's regular 50 Best features, I have been researching and discovering new places to shop for over ten years now. This directory aims to provide you with details of the ones that I think are the best. It will start off alphabetically because that is the easiest way to compile