WOW!house for the second time

wow!house 2023 entrance by mark d sikes using iksel fabrics
It is, as someone wrote on social media, the time of year when the interior designers get to tell their own stories. Eighteen room sets at Chelsea Harbour loosely following the idea of a (large) house from the entrance hall, via a dining room, morning room, library, office, bedroom and bathroom out to a garden

Postcard from the Podcast (114)

Another week another postcard from The Great Indoors Podcast. This week we have interviewed Micaela Sharp, upholsterer, designer, businesswoman, and tv presenter who first came

Beautiful Rooms To Inspire

Well here we are again on a Monday and I thought it would be appropriate to start with an inspiring little home office as some of us will be heading deskwards shortly. Now many people talk about creating a working space under the stairs and it's definitely cheaper and takes up less space than a

The Househunter: A Modernist House in Somerset

Right get your coats we're going to Somerset. The slight hitch is that we need three million quid, but let's worry about that when we get there. This fabulous modernist house was built in 1935 as a home for the composer Sir Arthur Bliss. It's set in 25 acres of gardens and ancient woodland and

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Something slightly different today which I meant to tell you about last week but in all the excitement for my book publication (link here if you want to know more about that) it fell off the edge. I know that many of you listen to the podcast The Great Indoors and I wanted to tell

The Househunter

How is it Friday already? This week totally ran away with me and I wanted to tell you first that my book is now OUT.