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Pendant Light with Leather Strap

20th October 2015
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Lighting treats today people. Just look at this gorgeous metal pendant light with its thick leather strap. It makes me slightly breathless just to look at it. I wish, wish wish I had a high enough ceiling to put this in my kitchen. I’m wondering if I can just do away with the extractor fan over the island altogether so I can have these instead.

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Just look at the attention to detail; the small leather fastening at the sides which holds the cage on. It didn’t have to be in leather but what a difference it makes to the whole thing. It costs £215 and the black and grey are available by special order but if you love a thing that much it’s worth waiting for.

pendant light leather strap detail

It’s from Des Res Design and there are a couple of other beauties in their collection. Such as these silhouette lights one of which I featured in a 10 Beautiful Rooms collection a while ago and several people asked where to buy one. Well now we know.

silhouette lights

The table light is £160, the scissor £188 and the floor is £275 all from the same site. You can choose from black or red cord. I’m off to plot some new lighting arrangements, I’ll see you all tomorrow.


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  • lorraine 20th October 2015 at 11:43 am

    hi Kate

    Just wanted to say, I love the illustration of you, it’s fab! Got such a lovely quality to it!

  • elaine fraser 20th October 2015 at 9:38 am

    Hi Kate

    I absolutely love this light with leather strap. I was also very interested in your comment about getting rid of extractor fan over island. Im planning a kitchen in a converted flat and Im struggling to work out where to put extractor and indeed whether or not I actually need one. Very high ceilings and large windows. It would be open plan kitchen /living space and I hate the noise these things make. Im also not really convinced they work – Im not a great cook , more microwave – any advice?

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