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The Perfect Patterned Chair

22nd June 2017
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I think it’s probably time for a sit down don’t you? And wouldn’t these be the perfect patterned chairs to do it in?  Similar but not matching in both pattern and shape, they make a perfect pair. They are part of a new collection from Galapagos Furniture which has brought back designs by Howard Keith from the 1940s and 50s.

Bambino chair in Origami Rocketinos £1,595 and Encore chair in Electro Maze £1,495 by Galapagos + HK Designs www.galapagosdesigns.com....

HK, as it was known, was founded in 1933 and produced upholstered furniture in simple designs and modest sizes to suit the new post-war homes with their more open plan interiors. During the 1970s, the company won design contracts with The Bank of England, Barclays and The Stock Exchange.

Bambino chair in Origami Rocketinos £1,595 by Galapagos + HK Designs www.galapagosdesigns.com.

Galapagos has now launched the Heritage Collection to bring some of these chairs back into production. So the Bambino chair (above) in Origami Rocketinos Fabric by Kirby Design is £1,595, the armless Encore in Electro Maze also by Kirby Design is £100 less and the oracle stools in fabric by Eley Kishmoto are £245.

original advertising for the encore chair and oracle stool

Later in the year Galapagos plan to bring out two more chairs from the collection as well as a Diplomat sofa. Elizabeth Taylor apparently insisted on one of these in her dressing room whenever she was filming in the UK and Princess Anne still has one. I’m also told that two of the Beatles bought pieces from the collection but HK remains tightlipped as to which two it was.

Oracle Stools in Eley Kishimoto fabrics - 1a -Galapagos + HK Heritage Collection 2017

You can of course choose your own fabrics or use some of the large range of house fabrics that Galapagos have access to as well. For example here are a couple of the other changes in their increasingly large collection.


Cocktail chairs are still very much a fashionable item and they’re perfect as they’re small so if you live in a tiny flat they work, and if you live in a huge space they are also great as you can put a pair in a corner to create a quite little chatting space that is separate from the main seating area.


The other key point is look at the chairs above. Don’t assume that the front has to match the back. Don’t assume that the pattern has to be on the front. This is a good example and means this is a perfect dining chair, where you mostly see the back anyway, or, if you have a knock through reception or are able to have furniture away from the walls then it’s worth making the back of the chair a real statement.

Right enough sitting. Time to be doing. Doing what I don’t know but do it we must.


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  • Emily 22nd June 2017 at 2:33 pm

    Those chairs are gorgeous (I love the ones with the patterned backs) but those prices are prohibitive!!

  • jenny 22nd June 2017 at 10:51 am

    Smiling …. my parents built their house in the early 1950s and it was filled with furniture from Heals, London (believe me, very avant guarde back in the day) and from Dunns of Bromley (we lived near there). My parents had a chair very similar to the Encore chair in their bedroom but in serviceable 1950s type fabric. After they died, the house clearance men were highly scornful of all the furniture, all now so desirable as mid-century or retro. It all feels so familiar and comfortable to me but horrifies my husband.

  • Janet Whincup 22nd June 2017 at 9:26 am

    I love all of these chairs!!! and the fabrics.
    The stool is a brilliant design, fitting together neatly and also providing all those extra seats.
    The chairs with the different fabrics are even tempting me to change my oak table and chairs.

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