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19th January 2023
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And we’re back! The Great Indoors Podcast returns for the new year. On today’s show we share our dreams and aspirations for the year ahead. Clue: Sophie is planning world domination while I would simply like to get rid of my hacking supercold cough. She has produced a whole vision board and I, under protest, have come up with a word. We also muse about the trends we can look forward to seeing in 2023, what’s in, and what are we quietly quitting. And will I ever be persuaded away with her love affair with 50 shades of brown. Tune in to find out.

Mad About The House painted in fallen plum (chocolate brown!) by Atelier Ellis

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  • Mrs. Ainee C. Beland 21st January 2023 at 3:27 am

    Hello, I am very partial to brown and I tend to wear this color lots and lots but here in the U.S. wearing certain colors one is ridiculed without realizing this; like keeping one’s gray hairs is looked down upon but when it is all grayish I am unsure who I will attract since we’re to be helped by the opposite in the colors. I know what I mean to say and possibly in the design world there isn’t color-specific coding for how one is treated or not.
    Well, one of the charcoal skin colors is favored to us brown/tarnish poop color skin in the toilet bowl and as I age, I find this treatment is sent towards me and I am sorry for divulging this here.
    I am partial to that couch coloring; it is likened to velvety chocolate laced with pleasure when one is seated. Thank you for sharing.

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