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Rock ‘n’ Roll Zoo Posters

28th December 2014
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I don’t, as a rule, tend to cover wall art/posters/prints (call it what you will) in the Mad House. This is mainly because it’s such a personal choice and most of the time I’m pretty sure I don’t like what’s on your walls and I’m equally certain you’re not too keen on my choices.

Dorothy_DO_0068_RockRollZoo_Hungry Wolf_Web

But every now and then I come across something that I love. Or that raises a smile and today, these are those pictures. They’re from a Manchester-based design studio that specialises in maps but they’ve just produced these sets of Rock ‘n’ Roll Zoo prints.

Dorothy_DO_0068_RockRollZoo_Diamond Dogs_Web

They were all designed in house by the Dorothy team and they also took their own pictures. They come in sets of three for £30 (packaged in a record sleeve) or you can buy them individually for £15.

Dorothy_DO_0068_RockRollZoo_Tiger Eye_Web

Now I don’t want to be the first person to say the C word (it’s not even November yet) but you know these might make rather good presents mightn’t they? And you can show the record sleeve packaging to your children and they will wonder at the things their parents had to go though in order to hear music come out of the gramophone.


The collections include the Beatles, the 70s, the 80s and the Indie range. Or you can buy the full print (see below)and see how many you can name; look out for Buffalo Bill, Crocodile Rock, Beetlebum and Little Red Rooster for starters. Or you can try the five below for a little morning brain warmer…

Dorothy_DO_0068_RockRollZoo_no name01_Low

An easy one to start….

Dorothy_DO_0068_RockRollZoo_no name04_Low

As is this….

Dorothy_DO_0068_RockRollZoo_no name06_Low

Knowing this might date you…

Dorothy_DO_0068_RockRollZoo_no name08_Low

I was stumped by this one I’ll admit…

Dorothy_DO_0068_RockRollZoo_no name15_Low

Well it’s easy when you know the answers isn’t it!

If you like these posters you might also enjoy my other favourites; the minimal fairy tales. Here’s one and you can click the image to see the rest. They’re by Christian Jackson who doesn’t have a UK outlet but will post out orders.

minimalist fairy tales

Happy Rock ‘n’ Roll spotting. Let me know how many you get in the comments below.


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  • Shelley 15th January 2015 at 5:03 pm

    I am definitely going to buy the blackbirds on the zebra crossing. Its fab! I also want The Love Cats print. They will sit nicely on my new Ribba picture ledge 🙂

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