Round Brass Mirror

ound brass mirror from cox and cox
round brass mirror from cox and cox

So there you are quite happily not even giving a passing thought to mirrors and then suddenly you notice that all the really good ones are round. That if you want a bathroom to look cool and modern it needs to have a round mirror over the basin. That a round mirror in the hall is the best look for that space. And that it really is a case of the bigger the better.

So here you are. Objects of Design – round mirror. Done.

This one is from Cox & Cox and is 56cm in diameter and costs £225. Or you might prefer this one which is 80cm across and costs £125. To paraphrase Henry Ford, which I suspect happens a lot, you can have any shape as long as it’s round.

antique round brass mirror from cox and co
antique round brass mirror from cox and cox
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  1. Kate, picture no. 1 has a small two-tone vase on the left side of the glass table. Is this from Cox&Cox too?

  2. Both the design ideas with the brass mirror is simply exquisite..I would definitely try to add such pieces for my home designs…Thanks Kate for sharing this post…Feeling Inspired!

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