Stoneware Serving Platter

It’s been a while since I passed by The White Company, but browsing about on the interweb recently, I thought I would drop in.
glass carafe from the white company

And look at the lovely tableware I found. Admittedly it’s been beautifully styled and photographed, so this post is as much about a feast for the eyes as for the table.

glass cloche leather handle

Having said that, there are several pieces which I would happily buy for my own table. This glass dome with its leather handle is lovely and the simple carafe above that is gorgeous and costs only £16.

heart white bowl from teh white company

I’m not normally one for a heart motif but I could make an exception for this simple white bowl above. Especially if it was filled with luscious black figs.

white company jug

I do think serving dishes are often overlooked. Whenever I watch Nigella on the telly, she always seems to have a a stack of gorgeous platters and plates to hand and, as these photographs prove, food is all about the presentation.

nesting bowls from the white company

Most of the pieces shown here are Portuguese stoneware and it all mixes and matches together. It would probably get quite expensive if you wanted to replace all your plates and bowls, but if you stick to a few stand out pieces of serveware then you can keep the price down.

white company dipping bowls

Now these meringues would still look good if they were dished up on a paper plate but for a gorgeous photograph that takes some beating doesn’t it.

white company grey plate

Finally, at £7 this is a champagne glass I can do business with. I hate those tall flimsy ones that feel they are going to break as soon as you look at them. And, as someone who doesn’t drink champange (I prefer Prosecco and Cava) these are perfect for the slightly less fancy glass of fizz.

chunky champagne glass

What do you think?

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